Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Best 2D Scanner in Australia

 2D Scanner
 2d technology is the latest type of barcode technology out there. Biggest advantage of this technology is      that it allows user to store more data, so to utilise this barcode technology your POS hardware scanner        must be equipped with scanning ability. Your search for top of the line 2D scanner ends at QuickPOS. We are among the best POS hardware seller in Australia. Visit our Website and find best in class 2D scanners.

Gryphon I GD4430 2D Scanner Blk Barcode Scanner w Perm Base USB

Datalogic Quickscan Qd2430 2D Imager Black USB Kit

Opticon OPI-3601 2D Imager /w USB Cable (HID) Barcode Scanner

OPI2201 Scanner/Stand/Cable Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Xenon IT-1900GSR Black with USB Cable Barcode Scanner

Gryphon I GD4430 2D Scanner Barcode Scanner with USB Cable Black

Honeywell Granit 1981i Wireless Industrial-Grade Full-Range Scanner

Datalogic QuickScan 2D QM2430 Black USB Kit 433

OPTICON L-50C CCD Linear Imager Scanner with Stand USB

Datalogic GRYPHON I GPS-4490 2D Presentation Scanner

Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner 8qi 2d Bt Black

Opticon PX-20 Pocket Bluetooth 2D Data Collector


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